a place of tranquility and relaxation

peace and quiet Easter Sunday - This picture was taken at Ecopark, La Mesa Dam in Novaliches, Philippines. Do visit the place and enjoy the day with your whole family or with your group of friends. I just did!!!!
April 16, 2007 9:31am CST
It was just last Easter Sunday when the whole family decided to take a break and have an outing. We went to this newly developed or improved park in Novaliches. This is what they called ECOPARK, by the La Mesa Dam. The park has been preserved and slowly now its being developed. Families and friends go there to take some fresh air, have a good exercise walk, see the good sites and just have some plain fun with the entire family. We had a good picnic at lunch then took a good walk to see very beautiful spots. To give you a glimpse of the peace I am referring to, look at the picture and just imagine you are right there alone and on top of the world. I'm sure you too will get relaxed....hehehe
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