i love ebay.....i really do love ebay....

April 16, 2007 10:27am CST
i think ebay is totally fab.....starting off selling our motorbike on there...which as an old retro looking thing....it was a suzuki vx 800 v twin thing.... and now i sell on there regular as a small business.......not making mega bucks..... but its ideal for me for fitting around the family..... if you are tempted to buy or sell on ebay..... go for it..... yes there are pit falls same as everything else in life..... you never know if might find that you could turn selling on ebay into a business as well..... anyone else feel the same about ebay ?
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@koledust (27)
• United States
17 Apr 07
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16 Apr 07
Ive been selling on Ebay since 2005, we sell 50+ items a week, we now buy wholesale to resell. Its takes up most of our spare time (Like having two full time jobs).. but i wouldnt be without it. Weve just had a really profitable nights £180+, and we have some great stuff listed at the moment so looks like we'll have a great month. Weve also just set up a website to support our ebay listings www.shophodgepodge.co.uk, take a look if your interested in Adidas Originals, retro sportswear, designer brands. Good luck with Ebay!!