My take on American Idol

United States
April 16, 2007 10:38am CST
Last year, I started watching AI because the auditions were just entertaining....I got sucked in like a soap opera and watched it until the end because you tend to pick a favorite and want to know if you're with the other 3 million Americans taste wise. This year...I had a favorite. It was Gina Glocksen. It was her personality, she's cute, had great taste in music, not too sure about her taste in clothing but it DIDNT matter because she had everything else. My jaw was pinned to the floor when America choose Hailey over her. but that's besides the point because we ALL know that no matter when they are booted...they still establish who they are in the spot light the rest of their lives. I know it's time to start channel surfing and watching portions of CSI when Melinda Doolittle is on. Sure, I can listen to her with my eyes closed and she sounds OKAY. But dang it, I REFUSe to look at her because I honestly feel her "innocent act" is just that...AN ACT! She's 29 years old and unless she's lived a VERY sheltered life....she is not as gullible as she likes to put out there. Remember when you were little and your brother broke the head off of your Barbie doll? Well when you put it back on...somehow you managed to push it down too far and made her look like she had no neck? Do I even need to say anymore? Out of the ones left standing on American Idol...I would have to say that Jordin Sparks is the one I'm rooting for now. I haven't heard her do a bad job on any song. And the judges are right...she DOES have fun with it. 2nd choice would be Blake. He's talented...but he's taking it to his head and overdoing it. Chris is another one that I would prefer to listen to with my eyes closed. He's a cutie...but the boy bounces around WAY too much! Phil? Well when he sang a Leanne Rimes song...he lost my vote. It just didn't hit my backbone right. And the fact that he continued with this right after his child was born...bugs me. When you become a parent...the CHILD comes first...not some dream to become famous. Yeah I know some will differ with me on this..but it's all a matter of personal opinion right? The other ones are not even worth mentioning. Although, I DO like how brave Sanjaya is. He's got kind of a YOUNG Michael Jackson appeal to him. Let's just hope it stays with the OLD SCHOOL version of MJ.
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