let's keep it real

@moira20 (226)
April 16, 2007 1:19pm CST
i've always thought that life is unfair. understatement. i've had my share of pain, sorrow, failure, triumphs, disappointments, losing lovers, gaining friends. funny how it all seem clear to me now. like a sunset - warm, out of reach, picture perfect. and when the sun goes down you're left with the cool night air waiting for the glorious promise of sunrise... you, how are you dealing with life?
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@jbshorty (66)
• United States
16 Apr 07
Life is what you make it! We are all capable of creating our own journey and destiny. It all depends on your own determination and drive. No one lives a "perfect" life. Some people may be happier than others, some have more wealth, some have a better education and employment, some have good health, and some have bad. There are some things we have no control of. Like my daughter was born with a chronic disease called Cystic Fibrosis. This is a heredity disease that her father and I had no idea even ran in our family, until she was born. What a shock that was. We had no clue the hand we were going to be dealt....but life goes on and you have to adapt. I have many things to be grateful for and I thank the good Lord above each and every day for all my blessings. I think that is important. Always be grateful for the good things in life you have, because there is always, someone, worse off than you.
@moira20 (226)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
I agree. And i think you and your family are strong as well as blessed. I have a sister with cerebral palsy but that didn't stop me from hating the creator. Yes, this and more are those things that we should be thankful for. It may not be perfect, but why does it have to be when all you need are those people who truly believes in you and won't hesitate for one bit to be right there where you are.. Life is short, but let's not make it any shorter by blaming somebody with those issues we just can't control. God Bless!