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@sansue (57)
April 16, 2007 3:14pm CST
I offer to share your thoughts about the relations between men & women!!! Some years ago i was sure thet a true friendship between men & women really existed. But now judging from my experience I can say that this friendship always turns to something more!!! Absolutely all my male friends after months of friendship wanted to become a boyfriend. So, is there true friendship...?! I doubt... Maybe somebody will be able to make me change my mind???
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• Philippines
17 Apr 07
you know love is growing and it changes as it pays time and attention, actually it greatly depends on one's intention. of course there is true friendship but the problem is it's just hard to find.
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@gbolly54 (662)
• Nigeria
17 Apr 07
It is very difficult for men to keep female friends who will not one day arouse an amorous instinct in them, especially if there is no natural or societal barrier against a love affair between them. The only girl/woman who could conveniently remain an ordinary platonic friend will either be obviously unattractive to the man, attractive but unappealing due to chemistry or natural repulsion or other factors, attractive and appealing but morally wrong to date her, attractive and appealing but the man fears some possible complications could develop. Amorous love develops in a funny way, and the natural breeding ground is from friendship or association between non-incestuous man and woman.
• United States
17 Apr 07
I've had the same problem. All my guy friends always wanted something more. It always put a strain on our relationship and we didn't end up being friends much longer after I found out they had stronger feelings than I did. Of course, the few guy friends that I did have that I had strong feelings for never wanted anything But now my best friend is my husband...and I do believe that is a true friendship.