Addicted to internet poker

@oldiebut (859)
April 16, 2007 3:55pm CST
I have just started playing again recently and had forgotten how much fun it is to play in beginner rooms. I think I have the real key to this game down. Never use your own money. There are a huge variety of freebies out there that will deposit from 5 to 25 dollars of real money in your site acct with no deposit from you. I have managed to parlay these bonuses into about 700.00 of withdrawals with only mediocre skills in the past few months. Of course there are catches. The most common one is that you must play X amount of hands before you can withdraw the bonus or winnings. A little patience and knowledge gets you through that easily. I am not going to give out these sites, and don't pm me, I will simply ignore it. I will simply say they are out there if you look a bit. But if you do go to play, spend at least a day reading strategy from the many available sites. Even a basic knowledge will put you ahead of the average beginner. Never, ever use your own money, unless you are a professional of course. To me, that's the sign of addiction.
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