Virginia Campus Shooting

@bonbon50 (659)
United States
April 16, 2007 4:04pm CST
Why, at 5:00, do they still have some of the shooting victims in place when they were slain??? It's not like the shooter is going to go to trial where evidence will be needed, as he is also dead. Don't you think they owe the family members as quick an identification as possible? There must be so many parents in total anguish that don't even know if it's justified or not. Also, why didn't they warn the whole campus after the first shooting? They kept is quiet except for that building, then 15 minutes later the rest of the victims were being killed. I can't help but think most of those lives could have been saved had they taken the precautionary measures that they should have knowing the shooter was still at large.
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@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
16 Apr 07
They can't remove the bodies until the coroner releases them is the answer to the first question, And yes, they DO care about the family members, that's another reason they haven't removed the bodies. Can you imagine how you would feel if you found out your child was murdered by seeing the body filmed by the vulture press as it was being removed by the coroner's office? They have to call the parents and tell them before the press starts hounding them Yes, they made mistakes in assuming that he shooting was over and localized to just one place, but they were busy making sure that everyone in that building was being taken care of. Nobody has ever gone from one building to another that far away and continued after two hours time. And really, how could they know the shooter was still at large and not one of the injured in the first shooting?
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