Virginia Tech Shooting

@kbkbooks (7030)
April 16, 2007 4:38pm CST
As I am writing this, the death toll is over 30 for the shootings at Virginia Tech. It's being billed on some news programs as the College Columbine. However, this is by far the largest school shooting so far in terms of vicitims. This is just devastating to me. I have children that will be university aged soon. As it is I worry about them being in a very large regional high school. Their school is surrounded by a fence and has guard house where security personelle check on everyone going in and out. Even with this security in place, there is rampant drug use and cigarette smoking on the campus. It's called a zero tolerance campus but it is known that the principal will allow certain things among sports team members or other pet students. What is to stop a student from bringing bombs or guns on campus? Is the world just going to keep going downhill until all our kids die or kill themselves?
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17 Apr 07
I cant understand why people doing this. Its so sad I hear today and I feel so sorry for everyone there.
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@kbkbooks (7030)
• Canada
17 Apr 07
The school will never be the same. Surely it is going to affect the mood at all schools for a long time.