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The face of meth - picture of before and after affects of meth
United States
April 16, 2007 4:47pm CST
I am attending a training on methamphetmine on Wednesday, and I am presenting a methamphetmaine training on Friday. I just wondered how many of you, from all your various locations considered meth a problem your seeing in your area. I work in the alcohol and drug arena, and meth is something that we are seeing more and more of. There is a lot of education and training being done right now on this subject, because of it deadly effects. Do you hear a lot about it in your local news papers, through your childrens schools, etc. This is sort of a pole for my own personal information. I would really appreciate any feedback any of you have on this topic. If anyone would like to know more about methamphetamine use, abuse, education, and prevention....let me know. I am only a click away and I have a ton of materials.
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