whats your unforgettable cheating escapade back then in school?

April 16, 2007 4:58pm CST
i know, everyone did atleast one form of cheating while still in school. from all your cheating acts, which one is the most unforgettable? was there any? come on! share your thoughts!
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• China
17 Apr 07
Hehe,I don't like to cheat... I think it kind of waste time,I am always the first person leaving the exam room...not patient enough to do so... I am not good at cheating maybe... The time I am cheating I am always being cought...what a shame... that day was...I don't know most of the answer,if I don't copy others',I won't past it ,so I tryed to..,but It was found by our invigilator before I did it,so I was sent to the first row ,at the end of the exam,I was given a piece of paper having some of the answer on it,when I was copying,I was cought again!!!!!! such a shame... I'll never forget it...
@lenapoo (674)
• United States
17 Apr 07
There was a girl that sat right beside me in class and our handwriting was similar so whenever we had a quiz and the teacher told us to switch papers and grade them we would fill in the answers for the ones we didn't do. Our teacher never knew.
@aciddrop (798)
17 Apr 07
i dont think i cheated but if i really did,it would be let others copy answers from my paper.i just dont see the point of doing that.why cheat urself and ur teacher by a fake mark?i'd rather get zero but be honest.
• Malaysia
17 Apr 07
the most unforgettable for me was an exam that i was totally unprepared..i wrote down all the important studffs on small piece of paper with my writing being reallly small. during the exam, one lecturer saw me with my notes and i thought i was going to be caught, but to my surprise the lecturer told me to go on with the cheating. i thanked the lecturer after the exam and i did get a good grade to the exam..i felt bad though about cheating but it was kinda like a "do or die" decision & i choose "do" ;-P
@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
16 Apr 07
I'm almost afraid to admit this for fear that my math teacher is a member of Mylot! Lol. But one day I missed a test we did in school so I had to make it up. Well I had to make it up during my lunch hour, and my math teacher wasn't in the room. I knew he was going to be gone so I wrote down all the formulas for problems on a sheet of paper and had that sheet handy. Unfortunately, my plan back-fired on me because there was a different teacher in the room. And I hadn't studied very well, so needless to say I didn't do very good on the test.