did you ever lost a phone?

@djmarion (4901)
April 16, 2007 7:19pm CST
mobile phones are just an ordinary things these days, even kids now have cellphones and knows how to use it, the evolution of mobile has been speeding so fast that it became a need to be filled up in our society, because of these many people had been victims of cellphone snatchers, cellphone swindlers and many other which came to one end...loosing their beloved phones... and mind you i had also been a victim of these snatchers, nokia 3200 is still new in the market then and i was so happy because my sister bought me one, its been on my possesion for only 1 month when i lost it. i was riding on a jeepney that time and my phone is on my backpack, after reaching my destination and i went out of the jeepney i just found out that my bag has been slashed by a knife and my phone has already been stolen... i was so angry then but hell, i cant no longer do anything. i just bought another phone 3 months after and took extra care for it so it wont be stolen again. so who among you share the same experience, who among you lost their phones in one way or another?
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@rekhum (2434)
• India
17 Apr 07
I am glad i'd never lost my phone or have it snatched.I think its not advisable to keep mobiles and purses inside the backpacks.You never realise what happens behind your back.Once my sling bag's zipper was opened while i was roaming in the market but luckily i carried nothing in the bag.lol.
@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
you're one of luvky few..lol...yeah its right, we should never put valuables on our backpacks.
@Rexx99 (127)
• Malaysia
31 May 08
Hi, do you know that u can find back your cellphone when it is lost or have been stolen. It is quite difficult for me to explain how so, why don't u check at my blog to see how its done: http://phonetracker.blogspot.com/
@neosix78 (28)
• Italy
19 Apr 07
i never losta a phone! ihihihi