What are your talents?

United States
April 16, 2007 8:07pm CST
I know this is a corny topic of choice, be we all have something we are good at and I thought it would be interesting to share this. I have two, although the one being a talent is debatable! I can bake. I know that seems unordinary, but for one, there are many people that CAN'T bake. And then there is my style of baking. I never use a timer. Or watch a clock. I have a built in instinct for when stuff is done. With the exception of pizza. lol. Good thing I like my cheese dark! My other talent is spit bubbles. I can form and blow bubbles with my tongue. My son loves this as he is always trying to pop them before I let them loose. A worthless talent, but it has entertainment value. And of course I loved to blow them in the car when I was a kid. lmao! My sister would get SO mad when she would get splattered. Your turn....
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@healwell (1268)
• Ahmedabad, India
17 Apr 07
No one is talentless here! When I really started to live life I got this truth based fact: Everyone has got talent and using that s/he earns, learns and lives the life: Well if it is a specific talent then it is a different matter; because some time the best talent of your is just related with your off time thing as well as relaxing and self satisfaction thing! The best talent is the living life with at ease in any situation!
@noriko (1254)
17 Apr 07
i can sew clothes. i got an elective of sewing when i was in high school. teachers just thought us how to make basic blouse and skirt but after all this years, i try to make a lot of cool outfits. i dont sew professionally but i only make clothes for myself. when i was pregnant mostly of the clothes i wear was the one i made. second is i am a comedian i can make people laugh.