who did u love more your mother, father,brothre,sistre,ur girlfriendorurboyfr

love u all - love them
@nitindx (283)
April 16, 2007 9:13pm CST
ok no i gonna disscuse about loking than tell me who loe's u most & the option's given in the Q as followes
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• United States
17 Apr 07
I dont love any of them "more." I love them equally, although in different ways. I love my parents the same, although i respect my mother more because she has always been there for us while my father had a midlife crisis and made some bad choices. I have 2 sisters who i love exactly the same. I have a boyfriend who i love in a different way than my family. Love is a great thing, but i don't love any of them more than the other.
• India
17 Apr 07
I think the answer to your question is not easy but at the same time it is not difficult also. When a child is a toddler he loves his or her mother the most. Then when the child reaches the stage where he can walk, run, play etc.. he/she will need the fathers company too. Later on when school starts its friends. After that in college it will be again friends, boyfriends, girlfriends. When you settle down as family then the cycle starts all over again with your kid. I think I've gone through all these stages in life. Right now I'll say my priority list goes like this 1. God 2. My wife and daughter 3. My parents and my wifes parents 4. My friends 5. My work and the rest of the world.
@nilzerous1 (2435)
• India
17 Apr 07
I like my mother the most - it is only due to her that I'm still alive and can make a post here at myLot. Her contribution and influence in building my personality is immense. I know it is so very common but I must say I've not found anyone having as broad-mind as she has. Regarding my father, who has passed away few months back, I can say that he was also a nice personality but he would live in the great world of spiritualism; he was not too keen to pay heed to materialistic affairs. I do not want to mean that he was indifferent to us - rather he would stand by our side in case of difficulties - still not like my mother - who has been doing her best to protect us from all odds since my birth. Both of my parents are unique and my real asset actually; I've not seen anybody complaining against them - rather everyone loves and respects them a lot. My Mom is still with me and I wish to see her happy and healthy for the rest of my life.