The remaing truth for the untruthful world....

April 17, 2007 12:07am CST
There are many diseases which we still don't know or haven't ever heard of. There are many lands where we never been to. There are many micro-organisms which which we have never seen under the micro-scope.But that doesn't mean that all these are not pesent these days.They are there where they used to be and the same case is with Tibet. Tibet had cherished their freedon till China came and captured in year 1959.Tibetan people is still fighting for their freedom and its our duty to take the side of truth,humnity and loyalty. I believe that Tibet should be freed and should be released from big palms of China. Now that China is construting a railway track from Beijing to Tibet,I am sure that there will be a great environmental destruction and will disrupt the eco-system which Tibetan have preserved for centuries.And one think is very clear that if there is change in Tibet's environment,consequently it will effect the environment of neighbouring countries as well.Cause all the rivers in the neighbouring contries are coming from the hich mountains of Tibet. So,people we really need to think about the freedom of Tibet and still there are some people who don't know the truth beneath the untruth that we are force to see. kalsang
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