Does Opposites really attract? Reflect on this...

Lovers' Quarrel - How will partners settle their differences?
@joby_09 (498)
April 17, 2007 12:57am CST
What will you do if you and your partner argue most of the time, simply because of differences in views? My friend and his girlfriend have this situation. Everytime he shares about it, i don't know what to advice. For example, whenever they talk about career plans, they would end up arguing about it. My friend plans to work abroad and pursue his career there. The girl doesn't want him to go... But that was just a plan. And the girl will start thinking about bad things... She's a pessimistic and dependent type. And my friend doesn't want that attitude... One more thing, they have different wants. For example, my friend loves to go swimming while the girl prefer to go hiking. Now that it is summer, my friend have plans of going to the beach with her girlfriend. But his girl told him that she'll just come. She will not go swimming. Definitely, the guy will feel guilty. But at the same time, he also wants to go swimming. There are many other things that they fight about. He loves the girl though they fight often. How do you think he should deal with the situation?
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• United States
17 Apr 07
He should find and celebrate the things they have in common.There must be something they like to do together. If they love each other, it must be working. Neither one wants to end it. It looks hopeless from the outside, but there must be hope since they are still together.
@joby_09 (498)
• Philippines
17 Apr 07
You're right. I think theymust focus more on their similarities. Not with their differences. Thanks for the comment. =)
@SKLC_PT (1234)
1 May 07
I think it depends on what they are opposites in, sometimes the opposites can somehow compensate each other, where the one lacks the other has a lot of, making it as if they were one. Sort of like when one is tall and one is short one will get things better in higher places and the other gets the lower places better, I think it can work with personality also. But it also depends on what the opposites are cause sometimes it's just a train wreck waiting to happen! I think as long as there is a lot of love both ways things can be worked to a compromise to work.
• United States
30 Apr 07
My personal belief is that opposites definitely do attract. However, how long they can stay together is usually less than idea. We all love qualities in others that we don't have in ourselves. But when we're faced with them day in and day out, they can quickly start to drive us crazy. Personally, I'd rather find someone with more similarities and differences. I think that relationship would weather the ups and downs much better!
• Saudi Arabia
24 Apr 07
Hi there I do have this problem as well and honestly the main reason for that problem is COMMUNICATION between the two partner, they could be different in likes and dislikes they could be different when it comes to hobbies but if they were capable of communicating, many problems will vanish even that one about arguing To answer your question, i may say the problem you mentioned is due to many reasons like: 1) FIRST REASON: COMMUNICATION: Most partners argue when they can't communicate. Sometimes we can have different views, hobbies or likes and dislikes but if we were able 2 communicate this problem can be overcome. Partners (if they decided 2 continue their life together peacefully), they have to come up with a better way of communicating. HOW TO OVERCOME COMMUNICATION PROBLEM: a) Show respect for your partner views never make fun of what he says or what he likes b) Give your partner the chance to express his view without interrupting, coz you may not get what he wants to convey 2 you c) Never be judgmental, your partner must always feel comfortable telling you anything without being afraid of the consequences from your side d) Remember sacrifice has to be there, and remember you can always reach a midpoint that couild be satisfactory for both of you 2)SECOND REASON: DIFFERENT ETHICS: That could be a real problem and probably they would never see eye to eye if there ethics were different. 3) THIRD REASON: LIKES AND DISLKES: This one can be solved if they had good communication, so he can share her likes with her and she can share his likes with him. For instance i am into walking and visiting ancient places and my spouse is into sea sport activities, and that creates a problem sometimes when it comes in what 2 do on vacation. 4) FOURTH REASON: RESPECT: It is a pillar on which the whole relationship is built, if it goes away that's a problem, again, communication may help overcome this obstacle. (sometimes it doesn't if the gap is real big). 5) OTHER FACTORS: There are other factors like manners, how 2 show love, bla bla bla, it all can be resolved if they both can communicate. I hope i answered you and looking 4ward 2 see your input on my discussions, see mine titled (Read this true story and honor me with your input) Thank you