Parenting mistakes....

@TeeandMe (104)
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April 17, 2007 1:15am CST
Do you believe that every parent is going to make a mistake at some point? Do you believe that everything your child does wrong is a mistake that you have made? My children got into some stuff that they shouldn't have while I was at work ( I work at home so I was in my office) and when I posted about this in my singleparents group ( that I joined before I got with my fiance) I got jumped on, attacked and told that I needed to go to parenting classes or give my kids to someone else. I am no longer in this group... and the ones that took the time to get to know me in that group know how good of a mom I am, and how overprotective I am. And even tho the stuff that they got into was put up high.. my fiance's daughter is tall and just got a chair and got it down. Does everyone believe that all parents can prevent everything from happening are do you believe that you can take all the proper precautions ( like I did) and something still happen? Tee
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@KissThis (3006)
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17 Apr 07
I do believe that all parents make a mistake sooner or later. Non one is perfect. Do I always blame myself for what my children do wrong? No I don't. I set boundries for my children sometimes they go out of those boundries, its only natural. Just like there is no perfect parent there is no perfect child. I don't believe you did anything wrong unless you left a very young child unattended. My 7 year old is constantly getting into stuff that he isn't surpose to. It is natural curiosity. What the people in that parents group did was wrong and very judgemental. I bet at one time or another something like that has happened to one of them and they choose not to admit it.