dealing with senior citizens inlaw

April 17, 2007 1:45am CST
my father-in-law is a difficult man. He always wants to be number one in everyone's priority list. He doesn't listen to explanations, or reasons. When he gives you a task, he expects you to drop everything and do his bidding. When he does something for you, he expects you to have full gratitude and now you owe him something in return. In filipino we call that "utang na loob." He is always right, even when it is very obvious that he isn't. Past mistakes are not forgotten and he will dig them up each and everytime he is disappointed with you or angry with you. Sigh, do share some insights in how to deal with such a man.
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• India
2 May 07
Most of the senior citizen are difficult to be handle, they have their own views which they feel they are always right. You should give little attention to him. Try to understand what things he likes and don't like . If you can try to do things which he like and thank and praise for few things which makes him happy.Then slowly you can talk about one or two thing to him saying "that doesnt sound good, this way may be fine". Ask him his opinion. When past mistakes are brought forward you can ignore that, becoz it will hurt you if you keep thinking about it. But instead take it positive because he is old. when thinks are alright tell him, you like the way he advices you but you prefer any comments to you should be conveyed to you personaly not in front of everybody. Hope things work fine with you gradually.