Is Internet Radio Doomed?

@willfe (149)
United States
April 17, 2007 2:24am CST
Recently, the Copyright Royalty Board issued a new ruling about how internet broadcasters must pay for the music they broadcast. Many online broadcasters testified or submitted opinions/materials on the subject, which the CRB largely ignored. The ruling raises rates to astronomical proportions, and nearly every existing internet radio station will fold because they cannot afford these new rates. Not only are the new rates (much) higher, but they actually INCREASE over the next decade to even more insane levels. The worst of it is the change is retroactive; the moment this ruling goes into effect, suddenly every internet radio broadcaster will owe back royalties all the way back to January 1, 2006. You might be thinking "well, just make arrangements with the individual copyright holders or just play unlicensed music." Damn near impossible -- chasing down individual copyright holders for every piece of music you play is a logistical nightmare, and there honestly isn't that much unlicensed music out there. Read more details at and follow the link there to ask your congressman/woman to do something about this. If internet radio really does die, we're stuck with the alternatives the industry doesn't quite want us to fall back on -- piracy, bootlegging, "sharing," and truly free content like that at the Creative Commons ( and similar organizations. What do you think, folks? Is there chance we can stop this before it kills internet radio, or is an amazing piece of our modern world about to be swept into the history books?
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• Singapore
17 Apr 07
How interesting.. not! I hope nothing bad will come out of this. I listen to internet radio more often than the "traditional" way via my receiver. I hope something will just be worked out. Can't stand those music companies. They are already bloated with money, yet they still insist on thinking of new ways to make life difficult for others.