how often do you second guess yourself?

United States
April 19, 2007 8:02am CST
i do it all the time. after i do something i think is it right did i make the right choice? i think about things i have decided on in life and ask did i do the right thing? would i be happier if i would of done it this way instead? it seems like i am always second guessing everything i do. i mean my life is hard but i am happy. its just i think would i have been better off or happier if i would of never of done this or if i would of done that. i really think about those things. also if i decide to buy something i think after i bought it should i have done that? if i get on to the kids i think should i have done that that way? i mean it goes on and on. i will say something and it is already in my mind as soon as it comes out should i of said anything or just been quite or said it another way. i know some people dont second guess there self as much as i do and maybe some do. i just feel like i do it alot. i was wondering how often do others second guess themselves?
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
19 Apr 07
I second guess myself sometimes but not alot. I do some things and then I know I did it right but then other times I will do things and I will think to myself, "Did I do that right"? I will go back and double check to make sure. I have done alot of things in life that I thought was the right thing to do and then later on, I realise it wasn't my best choice or option. I try to weigh things out before making and quick decisions. My life is hard also but I can find some happiness sometimes. I only second guess myself if I have alot going on and have alot to deal with at one time. I deal with them all and go back and make sure I did the right thing.
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19 Apr 07
We all have so much to learn that we often wonder if we do the right thing. I find though that often great amount of time has to pass before we truly know the results of our actions. What appears good sometimes turns out bad and vice versa. Just do your best and dont worry so much about it. You have to act when opportunity appears or you miss it.
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