This week has been a very bad week for many people.

@AnnaB87 (761)
United States
April 20, 2007 6:00pm CST
I wonder if there ever will be a way to prevent things like happened this week at VA Tech can really be prevented. I doubt there really is, but I think that the more that people see others giving up hope and doing things like this, the more likely it is for someone else to think that a very bad choice is an option for them. What I mean is maybe by the added media attention it is also causing copycat crimes? Anyway, I just heard a few hours ago that their is a person at NASA in Texas that is also making or has made some very bad choices. I think that many people give up hope and when they do, bad things happen. I wonder if it would be of any help to someone who is just about at the breaking point if someone took time to just listen to them talk instead of shunning them because of what is precieved about someone else. In other words would being more kind to everyone you meet be helpful to someone who is really discouraged or would it matter? I will be glad when this day is over, this week in fact. I look forward to a new day and a new week. And I really hope that no one else decides that they have nothing left to live for and do something like has happened this week. Everyone needs hope. I am going to try to encourage anyone I can in a positive way as often as I can. I hope all of you will do so too. That will be one good thing to come from a horrible thing like happpened this week. (I already try to encourage others, and try to help people see the positives in life but I think that I need to try to do better, and I think the more people who do that then maybe someone will be encouraged to do good, instead of bad. At least that is my wish) I wonder does anyone agree with me, after all kind words are free. And some kind acts can be too, such as just taking the time to listen to someone who is hurting for whatever reason.
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• Brazil
20 Apr 07
This week is so good for me, I'll go to a meet, with a lot of friends. I'm so glad...
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@AnnaB87 (761)
• United States
20 Apr 07
I am glad that you are having a great week, I hope you have a good time with your friends. And I hope you remember to say something kind to someone you meet today, Kind words are free, remember? Anyway, sounds like you are planning to have a good day with your friends. Have fun and I am glad to know someone is having a good week. Maybe more people will have a good week this coming week.