Politics around the World does it need a change?

April 22, 2007 12:08pm CST
Politics which is considered as one of the most important & vibrant issue that is there around the world. The way the governments are run is not what the way people have expected when they voted for the particular party. Do you really feel there is a need for change in the Way Governments are run & do we really need a change in Politics? Do you think that the older generation should step aside & let the younger generation step into politics & run the Governments?
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22 Apr 07
The thing about politics is that events basically overtake the politicians, it doesn't really matter how many great ideas politicians have before they get into office, once there, they have to face the stark reality that they are wokring on a global platform which sometimes means compromising some of their principles to maintain the greater good, relationships for a stable global environment. As long as a government is democratically elected and the elections occur at regular intervals then that should ensure that the electorate has enough opportunity to re-elect or change governments when they want to, and that means that if people are unhappy with a government, then they will have opportunities to replace them. The UK Government is constantly accused of spin and media manipulation so that is an area I would like to see change, but then there are the fundamentals of policy that I would also like to see change. I don't think there is any problem with older people being in politics, in fact, I think in many respects we don't necessarily have enough older people in positions of influence in politics. Many older politicians have a good knowledge of the workings of politics, parliaments and the like and are more likely to respect the democratic process and the ability for people from opposing viewpoints to question and debate issues. As long as a person is competent, then age should not be a factor. Young blood doesn't necessarily make for good political change.