Poem entitled Lost then Found...

United States
April 22, 2007 9:04pm CST
Lost then Found His family they sit and they worry, with so little that they know to do. When they attempt all they get is fury, from a man they love and once knew. Holding on to nothing they debate about turning away At night they pray for something, just a sign that he'll change one day. He feels that no one understands him and the pain that he goes through so he gives in to the Devil's command... just one more hit will do. Living the life of a junkie, no one wants him around. They all think that he's been lucky, that he's not been found dead down town. Hanging on a short thin rope, not yet falling in a hole... His family steady losing hope, all because he sold his soul. Then one day,no more hits were left, and he woke up cold, hungry and alone. No one was there to blame but himself. He alone chose this rode. He finally said a real long prayer, something he hadn't done in years. Hoping he wasn't too far gone to repair all he's done,and dry all their tears. He's now a whole year sober and clean, and though he struggles every single day. He thinks of it as a really bad dream, and reality is where he chooses to stay!!! I love ya lil bro...congrats,I am so proud!!
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