meaningful moments with your children, how do you stay connected?

April 25, 2007 1:12pm CST
As a working mom, I always make it a point to have meaningful moments with my kids, everytime I arrived home from work, I tried to show them the best of me, rather than what's left of me. I never stop hugging my children, a hug connects physically and emotionally like nothing else. Sometimes we sing out loud with our favorite song "Be brave little one...". Then we dance and sway and move and hugging and ended rolling and laughing. For me that is my best meaningful moments. What's your meaningful moments with your kids? Share it with us.
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• United States
25 Apr 07
There are no shortages of hugs and kisses in our house! That is certain! I recently returned to work and had to create new things for my girls and I to do to have our moments. The eldest, 5 yrs old, likes to be my helper, and we always take a special moment at night to say a special prayer that her sister isn't big enough to pray yet. Now, the little one, who is 2 1/2, she gets to sing a special song with me. I sing the first part of the line and she says the last few words: I love you a.... bushel and a peck A bushel and a peck and a... hug around the neck A hug around the neck and a ... BARREL AND A HEAP Cuz I can't get any sleep at night, cuz i'm think about..... YOUUUUUUU! She gets soo tickled singing that song!
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
wow...beautiful moments....thank you for sharing, I have two kids also, the first is 6 yrs old and the second is going 3 yrs old this coming June.
@Buchi_bulla (8304)
• India
27 Jun 07
I kept so many pet names for my children. Hence I keep on calling them with those names and show my love to them. Kisses and hugs will always be there. In the phone and emails, when they are out of station or somewhere else also, those pet names will be used, which will highlight my feeling for them. I make a point to ask about their health problems, events, important matters and friends and entertain their friends always. If any strike in the city, no hotels, call their room staying friends for food. When such friends are not well, I send diet food for them and send my children to them to be of support to them. Hence all my children's friends like me a lot and are close with me. I keep in touch with all of them through
@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
3 May 07
Wow Huggypink, I like this discussion of yours so much.... I really totally agree with you, me too when I come back home from work, I never stop hugging and kissing my beloved child.... my meaningful moments are when we lie down on the sofa and start talking, I love listening to him speaking to me about his feelings, his thoughts, his first simple problems.... and then I love going with him to the park, we run, play, laugh, have fun....