Do You love This World?

May 1, 2007 3:03am CST
with too much complications... how come we still live in natural way like everything is ok.. like everything is alright.. as part of us is really not... we hide and deny how much we begun to realize we are tired of this world.. why do you love this planet? if it has twin planet and has another living world, will you still stay in this world? or you sometimes wish its not the way it is now...? anyone...^_^
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1 May 07
Yes I do love this world we are in. we are all a part of it. So much to see and enjoy, the plants, trees and shrubs, animals in different kinds, birds, fish and other things. Indeed we are blessed to live in such a beautiful world. What makes me sad is all those that seek to destroy and abuse each other and each others countries bringing devistation, where there should be peace. Sadly these things are getting worse rather than better. Lynn-Marie
@batpig (99)
• China
1 May 07
though sometimes or maybe i can say most of the time, i think this world is tough for me. maybe sometimes the idea will jump out of my mind---i dont want to leave on this planet any more.i am still here,i think this is what life want to teach us, too much unhappy moments,just to see how we can survive? i always believe that when i am suffering, at the same time, i am love this world,close eyes about the ugly things i dont want to see and enjoy the things made of my life.
• India
1 May 07
yes, i love world because world is giving us everything, behind god is there