I was a gunni pig yesterday.

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May 1, 2007 5:46pm CST
I played the part of model for my daughter to take her cosmetology state license exam. I went home with red nail polish on one one foot, a single nail tip on my left thumb and a head full of wet styling gel. Even though all of the examinees started out on a different skill it seems they all end up doing finger wave last. Finger wave requires loads of styling gel. It was a timed exam and they called time before most were finished so it was funny to see so many people all coming out with wet stringy or plastered down hair. She passed of course and got her license. Have you ever been someone's gunni pig so they could pass a test, demonstrate a skill etc.? If so please share your experience.
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6 May 07
hahaha I can't say that I have done anything like that for testing purposes, only for practicing purposes--that once ended up with me having green hair, lol. I applaud you risking your looks temporarily to help your daughter. Congratulate her for me for her earning her license. :)
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1 May 07
Nope, but I can tell you about my electrologist's exam! Scary but funny, really: My teacher was the recipient of all the testing. I cannot tell you how she endured this! Electroylosis the removal of body hair through use of a needle, (galvanic or thermolitic) which is inserted into the hair shaft and then treats the hair by burning away the papilla or "seed cell" of the hair, which is located at the base of the hair shaft. Now this teacher had to test 20 students, and I cannot imagine the pain that she went through! Each treatment of a single hair can take up to two minutes. The treatment feels like you're putting your tongue on the end of a 9-volt battery - you know that uncomfortable tingle? That's it, only worse. I was very nervous when I walked into her office. She had a table for herself, and she plopped down on it, and said, "Okay, here we go. Where will you test, I wonder? Oh, okay - let's use the armpit. Go to it!" So she stretched out her arm, and I had to work on one hair under there - and I can tell you, that's a tough place to get shocked!!!! She just sat there, hardly flinching, until I was able to remove the hair. I was so nervous!!! I still can't get over how calm she was for the amount of pain that she would have to deal with. It was amazing. And yes, I passed my test with a 98% for the overall course. *Phew!*