are you fond of babies?

May 3, 2007 3:53am CST
i have a baby niece which i take care of every thursday, friday and saturday because her parents have to work during those days. before, i only saw babies as cute and cuddly things but thanks to my niece, i realized that they are a lot moe than "cute and cuddly" things. what about you? are you fond of babies?
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@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
3 May 07
Well Jlara, compliments, your words are really very wise! I totally agree with you, babies are a lot more than "cute and cuddly". Me too I'm fond of babies, my son is 7 and when his friends visit him I'm always happy, I like having children in my house, I like seeing my son playing with them and having fun. I prefer to stay with them than with adult people, you have a lot to learn from children, they are so honest in their feelings, so real in their emotionality, sensitiveness....
• China
3 May 07
I am fond of babies very much.In fact,I was afraid of taking care of a baby,even I hate that kind of job before my niece was born,I thought it difficult to get along with them because they can't understand you.But now,I like them so much,I found they can do so many things which you can't image,and I think they are so smart,not can't understand anything.The most wonderful thing is that they are really good at learning.