Loo/Toilet Roll: Under or Over?

@hezoid (2147)
May 4, 2007 6:02pm CST
Do you hang your loo.toilet roll on the holder so that the end of the roll hangs over the top of the roll, or pokes out from underneath? Why do you prefer it the way you have it, or maybe you don't have a preference and don't even notice the way it hangs. Persoanlly i prefer it to hang over, as it seems easier to unroll bits of paper off. In my house our bathroom is tiny so the loo/toilet is right up agaist the wall and right near the door, so there's no room to have a wall mounted loo roll holder, thus we just simply put our rolls on the boxed in piping under the sink.
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@patootie (3593)
21 May 07
standing toilet roll holder - Picture of a toilet roll holder
Which ever way you hang the toilet roll if you use a wall mounted toilet roll holder the roll will drag across the wall before you rip a bit off ... then you wipe your botty with the very side that has rubbed across the wall .. That's why I use a toilet roll stand .. much more hygienic and even in small bathrooms there is room for the stand .. and I should know I have a small enough bathroom heheh
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• Canada
17 May 07
To me it doesn't matter. It goes both ways in our house and that's fine with me. It all goes to the same place when you're done with it anyways.
@elisa812 (3031)
• United States
14 May 07
I always have to have the end hanging over the top. For some reason it just drives me nuts the other way! It seems like most of the people I know have it hanging that way, so I guess maybe I just got used to it or something. I think it's a lot easier to use when it's hanging over the top, cause otherwise you can't see where the end of it is sometimes.
• Turkey
7 May 07
I like to have my toilet roll hanging over, I find it easier to use that way around, otherwise I can never find the end to pull!!
@freak369 (5122)
• United States
7 May 07
I have to have it flipping over the front; if not it's just too hard to get at when you need it. I do have a couple friends that prefer it the reverse way so when I visit them, I have to fight off the urge to switch the roll around.
@Modestah (11188)
• United States
5 May 07
When we hang it, it is over the top (I was always an under hanger previously but my darling husband has converted me) usually it just sits on the counter top though - we go through it so very fast.
• United States
4 May 07
I don't hang it up at all, I just leave the roll sitting there beside the toilet, but my girlfriend has to have it hanging over, all the time, if it's hanging the wrong way she'll change it, I think she eve does it at other people's houses.
• United States
4 May 07
Frankly, I prefer to have it hung so that the it unrolls from underneith as this seems to make it easier to tear it off without sending the roll spinning. I also notice that most public restrooms have it set up this way.
@rekkusu (601)
4 May 07
what everway it happens, i havent the energy to fix it so i dont care what way it goes