Is or should the Scientists be a believer of God

May 5, 2007 10:21pm CST
Issac Newton once mentioned in a book called "Mathemaical theory of nature ( I do not remeber the exact name of book) " I could not find out the exact reason for the "acceleration due to gravity" But I feel that this is our good luck that acceleration due to gravity is in the earth" On another ocassion he wrote a leter to a scientist Richard Bently " It is foolish to think that Without the help of another power, matter attracts each other.If somebody says like that he may not have the knowledge required for philosophical aspectss" What do you say to as to whether the scientists should be a believer ?
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• Italy
11 Jan 08
It's completely up to them. Surely, a scientist won't believe in most superficial aspects of doctrine and religion, i.e. superstition ; because he will know the scientific explaination for most things that other see as "miracles", "work of god" and so on... Indeed a scientist can very well be a believer, but for sure he will be much more concentrated on deeper and phylosophical aspects of spirituality rather than surface ones.
@Autisteek (326)
• Philippines
6 May 07
I believe they should. I believe that the more they discover, the more it is unraveleed to them that things weren't here as simple as they think it is. As socrates said, "i know nothing", so does the scientists, who were more likely to discover greater things than ordinary people. The more they discover, the more they should see And the humbler they should become. If a scientists saw something wondrous and still isnt thankful nor grateful for it, then he there's something wrong with this person. What will he do with the things he cannot appreciate?