what type of tropical fish to buy

May 6, 2007 10:44pm CST
hi eveyone i was just over at the petstore the other day looking at the different types of tropical fish the store has and it was very hard to choose between what type of fish to buy because the fish are really pricey down here so i spoke to the manager about an idea that came to mind and she loved it however i was wondering it it's worth the time and the money my the idea was to buy guppies about 2 males and 7 females the to breed these guppies because i heard guppies are very easy to breed then raise thier young until thier old enough then sell thier young at the petstore for credit and this way i could use the young to buy some expensive fish like oscars,angels because each one of these fish is $12.50 i already breed guppies so i know what i'm doing but i'm wondering wether it's worth the effort i will spend because i could save all the hassle by just buying some fish from there that i want but money is the issue so i just wanted to know what you guys think what is best thanks sizar
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7 May 07
I think you better have a firm agreement with the manager or owner of the pet store before you start breeding guppies. Things could be different in your part of the world, but here (in Nevada) my daughter has several aquariums set up and the mollies and guppies are breeding like crazy. She didn't do it to raise money, but having so many fish and running out of room she approached a couple of the local stores she buys supplies and tried to sell them the fish. All of them declined to buy the fish, but offered to "take them off her hands" for free.
• Australia
7 May 07
thanks for that tips i should make like and contract where the manager can sign it agreeing to buy guppies from me because i have had some petstores buy from me before but you never know when they will might decline one day, i will take to few store owners i know and see if i can come to an agreement thanks alot for the advice as i didn't have that in mind and coould made the same mistake your daughter did and sorry to hear about that but if i was you daughter i would've sold the fish to the markets where they have some people that sell fish for half the pricethe fish store sell them for
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26 Dec 07
I have a good working relationship with many of the pet shops and wholesalers around here in Western Taxachussetts and they all (at least the ones that I have talked to) said that they will pay me cash for the fish that I produce. I have (after calling to make sure that the manager is in) wanked into some of the store carrying dozens of fish such as firemouth cichlids and been paid on the spot for the fish at about one third of what they sell them for I do not like to sell to the store that get 5 or more times what they buy them from me. The wholesalers will give less but they will buy in larger quantities, so instead of just selling one or two dozen fish at one time they will buy hundreds or how ever many that you have.
@Fishmomma (11362)
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9 May 07
Be sure and discuss number of fish they are willing to accept, as one of the local stores in this area did accept fish, but only a small number for store credit. I don't accept fish for store credit, as don't have room for lots of fish. Its important to find out how much store credit you would receive for the fish before you breed fish. If the food ends up costing more than the store credit, then its not a good idea.