do you know something somebody thinks you dont know????

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May 12, 2007 3:15pm CST
Sometimes in life theres some information about your life that somebody is spreading it to harm you or (gossyp). Sometimes people tell you things about your life and things around you in the past and they think you dont know how they got the information. They dont know you are smart enough to identify whats going on. The just want you to fall deeper and deeper into their trap,,but you just act like nothing is going on,you just limit your words or actions to them. The thing is that there are some stuff in your past life that you already got over them and some people just CAN NOT belive you did,and they pretend that you keep living into the past,,and many times people love to play with your information and pretend you are a puppet in a string.But no!!!,,,you know better than that to see where you're standing at. **feelings about this situation** -how do you get rid of the situation? -how do you make the persons harming you to be in shame of what they are doing? -how do you go to the root of the situation and solve it? -would you keep talking to the person who think you dont know that you know?
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31 Mar 08
If you cant let it go..because they are still spreading gossup and lies about you...confront them with the lies with a whitness and trusted friend. Tell these or this person to stop spreading lies about you right now. Then tell any one and everyone this person knows about the deciet and lies this persons spreading and before you know it this person or persons will be looked upon as the backstabers he, she or they really are. Good Luck !
@mykaylala (214)
• United States
12 Mar 08
I would keep talking to them just to mess with their minds. They are so dumb to think that no one knows what they are doing. I would be slick in my words by giving them hints that I know what there doing and that there the dumb ones. I would use reverse psychology on them and make them feel the exact way they are trying to make me feel. It will be rewarding at the end knowing that you won their stupid little game, and taught them a lesson at the same time.
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@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
13 May 07
Don't bother with it or even waste your time dealing with those issues. As you have said, its the past, there's no point taking the dive and plunging in that siltation all over again. Action speaks louder than words. If the people see you acting or living your life otherwise, they'll soon stop. Gossips are good as long as it affects you..., Ignore them and there's nothing to tell.
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