Why So Many Religions?

May 14, 2007 6:39am CST
In todays world,we have over 100 religions,each one thinks theirs is the right one and yet others think all are right,that they all lead to one place-Heaven, even if some of their teachings differ and are not in line with what the Bible says. But why are their so many religions, is my question? Are they all approved by God? Any one with a modest answer is free to respond.Thanks
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@skbadhan (881)
• India
14 May 07
World is comprise of so amny different countries, cultures,comunities so every one has its own cultural background, customs, belief system i think thats the only reason that there are overmore than 100 religions all over the world.
• Uganda
14 May 07
Thanks, fair response.
@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
30 May 07
There are many religions because in the whole world people have spiritual needs. The fact that there are many religions shows that no religion is better than another, there isn't a "true" religion, but many religions. To me the most important thing is the respect, I think that a good religion is that one that respects everybody, respects the followers of any religion. The high number of religions shows the creativity of the human being.