Believe in the supernatural or not?

May 14, 2007 9:25pm CST
A lot of strange things happen around us.And so far scinence hasn't been able to pravid answers to them.For example,a friend of mine told me that he dreamed that his uncle had died and the death was confirmed by a phone call he received the next morning immediately after he woke up.Wasn't that odd?There was no way he could have known about his uncle's death before head.My friend believed that it was his uncle coming to bid him farewell before he left the world for good,and i don't know whether he is right or not.It could't be just a coincidence,I think.There seems to be some mysterious forces at work.If not,how can you explain it?
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• United States
20 May 09
To me, what is referred to as "supernatural" is really just natural. I have had many, many dreams that have happened later. When I was a child, I saw people's auras as clearly as if the air around them was colored in. Also as a child, I had many out of body experiences. I have 'felt' that someone was going to pass away before they did. I do not think that I am so unique. I believe that we are all connected to the same stream of it God, the universe, or the powers that be...I believe that we all have access to these "supernatural" experiences. As we all know, science has always been a little slow about these things. My theory is that as we grow up, our minds get so crowded with information, that we forget about the things we knew as a child. One more thing..."coincidence" only means that more than one thing happened at the same explains nothing :)
@missak (3311)
• Spain
2 Jul 07
I do believe in metaphysics. I have made that kind of dream myself, and also I have found philosophical explanation for them. But they are long enough, you better take a look on my discussions if you want to know further!
@rusty2rusty (6758)
• Defiance, Ohio
12 Jun 07
I do believe in the supernatural. I think their are forces or things that we can't comprehend walking this along with us. I think we could actually see all the supernatural it would scare the heebie jeebies out of us. I don't know why some people can see or feel things that others can not. I figure what ever is supernatural is calling out to them for some reasons.
@yanjiaren (9047)
16 May 07
I definitely believe there are things beyond what we can see. You know from your own culture how pwerful a force qi can be, yet we cannot see it, it can kill and it can heal. How do we explain that one? I had a dream six months before I met my Chinese husband that I was getting married on Mount Lushan and some Taoist priests were prepering me in GREEN DRESS to see my husband and when I saw my hubby I knew it was him. How does one explain that? I was in my first marriage and my son was only one years old when I started having dreams about China, how after ten years I got divorced and then met my Chinese Husband? I never knew I would have that connection. Many many other things also have happened to me..There is physics and metaphysics, a world of limits and limitless possibilites.
@suryaxxx (221)
• Indonesia
15 May 07
yes a little, cozz i'm balinesse. in bali we have a culture, which believe about supernatural.
• India
15 May 07
it would be premonitions.i.e.future happening can be seen in dreams or somewhere else.