Why do people think its nececary to continue to phone me when I'm not answering?

@Demonix (294)
May 18, 2007 3:39pm CST
it happens all the time and its really annoying, people keep calling me all the time and when I'm not answering my phone for any particular reason weather Im sleeping, eating, or just plain don't want to talk to anyone especially on the phone (because I really dont like talking on the phone that much anyways) they will continue to call, every 5 minutes or so, until I answer or a unplug the phone. I dont believe I should have to unplug the phone just to get some peace but it seems that it will never stop ringing unless I do so. And its not even an emergency either they just call to chat, and when I dont answer the phone they keep calling, sometimes when they keep calling when im sleeping i'll eventually answer and tell them im sleeping and dont want to talk and then hang up the phone before they can try and force a conversation on me and then they keep calling anyways whats with people they know I hate the phone and I really dont think it should be used just to harrass people like that but it never ends, it really ticks me off when someone feels the need to interrupt anything im doing just to chat about nothing in particular, and continue to call ever 5 minutes should I decide not to answer. What should I do? what are your suggestions?
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• United States
18 May 07
You need to tell friends when you give them your number that you never answer the phone past 10pm at night, or before 10am in the morning. They must have a past history of talking with you very late of very early, or they wouldn't call at either time. If I were you, the next time someone calls at 1am, I would tell them to call back during a Godly hour. Really! And yes, what I do is turn my phone on DND (do not disturb) this way it goes immediately to voice mail. You should also leave a message on your answering machine saying: "If it is past the hours of blablabla, I will not be answering my phone. Please leave a message and I will surely call you back tomorrow morning at my earliest convenience." Don't pick up the phone when you don't want to. It only encourages your friends' rudeness.
@tammyr (5954)
• Etowah, Tennessee
18 May 07
My son works real early in the morning, so he comes home and sleeps a while in the early afternoon. His phone will ring over and over and over until I get tired of it and tell him to turn it off or answer it. I also get calls like that from my daughters friends. If she isn't here, or is busy I won't answer, but they will let it ring 20 times then call back 2 minutes later and let it ring 20 more times! GET THE HINT!!!
@NatashaG (100)
• United States
18 May 07
If I were you I would speak to the friends that were calling me.. Just let them know that sometimes you are busy and can't get to the phone and you will eventually call them back. If it keeps happening you may need to just turn off the phone. Or change numbers and don't give it to them.. but if they are really close friends they should understand and stop doing it.