Dr Who ...Who's is your favourite ?

May 23, 2007 10:52am CST
Not sure how many of you have seen the show/read the books but basically Dr Who comes from another planet which has the ability to travel through time in space ships. They had a great war with an enemy known as the daleks and both sides pretty much wiped out the other. Dr who being the only survivor of his race. He does not die in the traditional sense as his race are able to regenerate(Each regeneration changes their outward apperance). This ability has helped the show run for as long as it has and with so many changes in DR. My Favourite I think has to be Tom Baker(also appeared on Fort boyard). A friend of mine called Richard Baker I think prefers Tom as well as when his son was born thats what he named him.... Tom Baker. Who is your Favourite ?
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@peaceful (3301)
• United States
23 May 07
I caught a glimse of the new series, and I think it's very, very GOOD! :) I was a little guy when the first episodes were broadcast in the USA, and they were in glorious and grainy Black and White, also they were shown on public television, which was in it's infancy... I had to view episodes between the times that I was running away from Veloceraptors! LOL! :)
@peaceful (3301)
• United States
23 May 07
PS: All of the actors who played this role were excellent, so I don't have a favorite... I wish the new cast all the luck as they compete against some of the stuff that coming out on Sat. TV and DVR, these days...
23 May 07
The Idea is very flexible and able with ease to keep up with current Ideas/views and trends or it has done so far anyway ;)
12 Jun 07
David Tennent by far, he's very sexy ;)
13 Jun 07
LOL Being a bloke don't look at him in that...But my Girlfriend agree's with you so must be something in it ;)
@heathcliff (1415)
• United States
25 May 07
Tom Baker will always be my favorite. His timing as an actor was incredible and he was able to create a Doctor who insulted everyone else's intelligence without being mean or overly silly. "Yes, in that old police box!" I do like Tennant, though. Eggleston (Sp?) is a great actor who was kool on Heroes, but he was slightly off as the Doctor. Too "sane" maybe, but the writers did put him in a tight spot having to mourn his entire race. Hopefully the show will have a long run now and Tennant will be able to build upon his good start.
25 Jun 07
Tom Baker was brilliant as the doctor but i agree with you about David Tennant I think he is very good.
27 May 07
I am not sure I have an overall favourite Dr Who becaus ewhen you watch the series each of them has their own characters and likeabilities. My least favourite was Peter Davison's Doctor, as a kid I always liked Colin Baker, I think the fact he was so quirky and the costume was so gregarious made him more interesting, plus I always felt for the actors Colin Baker and Sylvestor McCoy because they did have some good stories but the BBC was trying to do away with the show by putting it up against Corrie. I also liked Christopher Ecclestone, more so than the early David Tennent ones, but I think this series has been a lot darker overall, which has made me change my mind there too. So overall I sit on the fence!
@hezoid (2147)
24 May 07
my faveourite, like most Dr Who fans i think, is Tom Baker, he was in it for such a long time and his character in it really opitomises The Dr for me. That brown tench coat and long knitted scarf is the imagine i think most people would associate with The Dr, be they fans or not. I think most of the people who have palyed The Dr have made a good job of it, but he was the best. I dor ather like David Tennant though, he's quite sexy too isn't he? ;-)