Is smoking a sin?

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May 25, 2007 3:54pm CST
If your body is God's temple and your suppose to take care of it, then whenever you do something to harm it are you sinning? This can go beyond smoking but I would like to focus on smoking. It is slowly killing your body. And when you see someone smoking, does it cross your mind that they are a christian? Where is the line drawn. Is it all about appearances or is it the physical abuse? Smoking is a nasty habit, but strictly biblically speaking, can we say it's a sin?
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@filmbuff (2909)
• United States
12 Jun 07
It's not a Sin. If it is, then so is eating, drinking and breathing. I dare you to stop those. The fact is that poison and pollution is everywhere. I file this under: Sad but true. Minnie Mouse is HOT! filmbuff
• United States
13 Jun 07
If drinking and eating are done to excess, then they too are a sin. I'm not saying drinking water, but drinking an addictive substance. As for breathing, well come on, that is just ridiculous. God made our bodies to control our breathing. Whereas smoking, drinking and eating to excess are all free will.Free will is where we run into our problems. That is when we have our choices to sin or not to sin. Yes, poison and polution are everywhere, but if we don't contribute to it, is that OUR sin? Why exactly do you believe smoking is not a sin?
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@tiffthone (193)
• United States
15 Jul 07
Yes, smoking is bad for your health, and can cause harm to your body. But if its a sin, I don't think so. Because then we'd have to consider eating a sin, breathing a sin, driving a sin, and just about anything we do now. Just about everything can cause harm to your body. The sun causes skin cancer, so is it a sin to go outside? I don't think so. My point is that if someone is to say its a sin to smoke, they might as well say so is everything else we do.
• United States
25 May 07
Well according to the bible, most everything we do is a sin. If smoking is a sin then I guess God will have a hayday with me and my 2 packs a day. Not to mention my drinking, tattoos, and whatever else I do that everyone thinks is bad for me to do.
• United States
19 Jun 07
Honestly that is a hard one for me to answer. I guess if you do look at it as causing damage to the temple of the Holy Spirit (God's temple) then yes it would be. If you are going by the commandments and other rules written within the bible; then I don't think so.
• United States
12 Jun 07
As a smoking Christian I too am at war with this question. I figure if God wants me to stop he will make it possible for me to have a strong enough will power to actually break the chains of addiction. Mostly I take into consideration, how I feel about God's reaction to my smokong. Like if Jesus walked up to me would he be pleased to see a cigg in my mouth. The Bible warns us against anything in excess. If I only smoked one or two ciggerettes a day I probably wouldn't worry. But even as I write this I'm thinking I'm going outside to smoke as soon as I'm finished with this answer. A sin? I believe it is. God will give us the strength to stop sometime though.