Do you have the habit of postponing everything ?

May 28, 2007 6:46am CST
This is poem written by James Albur " In the valley of moonlight he slept. In the rays of morning he wandered. He know that there is a lot of things to be done... But time passed day by day. One day he also went away without doing anything. ( I do not know whether the translation made by me from my regional language is correct?) A lot of people have the tendency to postpone his work and they also repent on this after some days. What will do you to complete a work in time?
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@Ronimas (699)
• India
24 Jun 07
There are some ways. First of all make your goal a little specific and easily noticeable by you. The next step is to organize the tasks you have to do. Get a calender or diary where you can chart the activities. Posterities the work - which has to be completed first, writing the number of days that it will take. Assigning deadlines is important because when a deadline is there in front of us, it stirs us to action. Take your office, organize your work area by keeping priority. Straight way begin the work. Complete the tasks that you do not like first, at a time when your mind is in concentrating and clear mood. There is nothing wrong in taking help for tasks that you feel you can't do well. Perhaps a little assignment might aid you in doing it. The end work does not have to be perfect; there are bound to be little flaws, but it has to be completed and done. To help you to concentrate, schedule your main work and other activities in such a way that you have time for both.
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25 Jun 07
Thanks for your good advice. I shall keep this always in my mind
@Manoj_s (939)
• India
28 May 07
I have suffered a the whole life coz of this habbit of procastination of things,only recently i realised it is one the thnk which will be a barrier in ones life i consciously making an attempt to escape from that habbit.people tend to post pone everything to last minute and in the end they become panick and and make the work a whole mess. planning is one thing which one needs to finish the work in time .preference should be given to the work.doing the easy or much important work and postponding the hard one will put u inlot trouble.motivation is another factor which will make to do the work more efficiently in time .the motivation should come from inside ,the inner desire or will to finish the work should be there .some people wait for the necessary mood to arise and wait .now a days there are softwares which remainds u about pending works and how to adjust time for work etc et c..