Finally broke through....

May 28, 2007 2:57pm CST
So a couple of months ago, Patches was dropped off at our house. When she got here, she hissed and swiped at anyone who came near her. Most of the time she's been here, she's been shut in a room, with food and water and her box, of course. She's been closed off because she would attack the male cats or she was in heat. It's been a hard couple of months, with me trying to gain her trust. It was slow going with her not letting me touch her at first, but lately she was fine with me petting her. However, she wouldn't tolerate being picked up. Today I reached the final milestone, and it seemed to have come all at once. I went to take a nap, and Patches came upstairs. She actually jumped up on the bed,(which she has never done), and she started purring, which is also something she hasn't done. She then proceeded to walk all over me, back and forth, just checking things out. Then, she lay down beside me, still purring and went to sleep. Just before I wrote this, she jumped up on my lap and again, that's something she's never done. I am so happy that she's finally coming around and is becoming more social.
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@craz2max (254)
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29 May 07
That is so sweet. I'm glad she is learning to be at ease with you. It does take a while to build that trust. I have worked with abused cats and ferrel cats. You have to be very patient. I hope things keep going well for the two of you.