Eating Out

May 30, 2007 6:16pm CST
My partner took me out this evening. and guess what the house wasnt on fire. We went to an Indian restaurant and it was very nice too.The bill came to about 25 pounds (approx 45 dollars). My partner paid with two twenty pound notes expecting 15 pounds change. The tray came back with the two twenty pound notes on it plus the fifteen pounds change, giving us 55 pounds (approx 100 dollars. What would you do. Walk out well fed and extra money in your pocket or let the waiter know the mistake.
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@abbey19 (3129)
• Gold Coast, Australia
31 May 07
Wow - the waiter must have been asleep not to notice what he'd done! I would have to tell him he'd made a mistake, I couldn't just walk out, my conscience would bother me! The main thing is moomincat -did you enjoy your meal?
31 May 07
Its a restaurant we have used over a number of years. He was a new waiter, dont think he will hang on to his job for long they wont be able to withstand the loses. Like you we did own up. Great indian food we have never been able to better it.
@Yatayee (117)
• Australia
12 Jul 07
I couldn't live with myself if I took it. People might say I am stupid but I will even correct a checkout operator over ten cents. I believe that life will treat you the way you treat others and I hold myself to a standard that I think I, personally, deserve in return. I could even think later on, hey, imagine I were dishonest! Imagine I had taken it and paid the electricity bill. But I still could never do it. I am a volunteer in a charity shop and the opportunity is there to steal. But it isn't right, and no matter how hard things are for me financially I never will. I know that if I am in need I can ask, and I will be given what I need. And even though my pride usually stops me from asking for help, it is never an option to take things dishonestly - there are always people worse off than me.
14 Jul 07
Your honesty is a rare thing in this world. Wouldnt it be a beautiful place if everyone could be relied on.