Shisha Lounges and the Smoking Ban

United Kingdom
June 7, 2007 4:29am CST Now, whether or not people agree with the smoking ban, it seems to me that it makes no sense to force the law onto a place where people go there to smoke ie. that is the purpose of it. Other places where the ban will be enforced is different because there are smokers and non-smokers but this is a place where you wouldn't be going if you weren't going to smoke so why couldn't there be some kind of exception for these places? To me, it's like banning eating in a restaurant. What do you think?
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@axter69 (379)
20 Jun 07
spot on, why bother going in there? as a none smoker it would be my choice to there but if the place is not even there no more its gonna make it pritty hard. this is another case of British goverment gone mad. it wont be long until they decide you can not drive a car because the roads are getting worn out. Teh British goverment hey!!!!
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