Saving Money

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United States
June 9, 2007 1:36pm CST
Are you addicted to saving money? Do you feel like saving money is like earning extra money? Over the past few months I have become addicted to saving money. I am going through sales papers finding the best deals on things I will buy for the week, looking at clearance stuff, clipping coupons, & everything. I have become a serious addict. But it has paid off, about 2 weeks ago I found some Huggies diapers on clearance for $4 for mega packs & had $1.50 off coupons, so I got them for $2.50 a pack which is great, anyone who has to buy diapers knows how expensive they are, I saved like $12 a pack on them. Is anyone else addicted to saving money?
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9 Jun 07
Saving money is certainly not a bad addiction to have! in fact it demonstrates that you are a forward thinking person, because it is always good to have money in reserves since you never know what circumstances are around the corner. In terms of saving money from getting good deals, again thats something great as well, I always get good deals buying stuff on the internet and getting cashback or rewards that I can put towards other things, so it certainly feels like having more money to do other things with. You should check out free-bucks dot com.
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