My frogs died

June 15, 2007 12:13am CST
Ok, so until earlier tonight I had 2 African frogs in my tank. This morning one of them died. Tonight the other one died. I'm still trying to figure out why they died. The other day I poured in a small amount of warm tap water since their tank water was a little too cold. I have a feeling that maybe that's what did it to them. Any thoughts on this?
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• United States
15 Jun 07
If the tap water wasn't dechlorinated, it is possible they soaked up some chlorine or other heavy metals from the water since frogs are more sensitive to that sort of thing than fish are. Also, feeding them flakes, I've found frogs don't do too well on a diet of flakes, it doesn't sustain them well. There are some frog pellet foods on the market that contain more nutrients that frogs need and most frogs, even if they've never eaten them before will eat them because they contain a strong smell that definitely is more appealing than flakes. This food sinks to the bottom which is also more appealing as frogs eat more from the bottom of the tank than the top.
• Canada
15 Jun 07
My frogs were opposite. They wouldn't touch anything on the bottom. If they didn't catch it on the way down, they refused to touch it. I have a 1 gallon tank and used very little tap water, but didn't think it would make much difference. I guess I was wrong.