oppurtunity abroad?

Baguio, Philippines
June 25, 2007 5:23am CST
For example a company offered you an oppurtunity to go abraod, 3 years contact, and you have a new born baby which is 5 months only. What will you do? are you going to sacsrifice or grab it? why
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• India
17 Jan 09
if this happens to me iwould ask my company to make it a family package i wouls exppain them my situation and if the company agrees with me then bang i am going to abroad but if the compant does not help me out then for sure i am quitting this opurtunity i cannot rely fully on my wife she has to handle so many responses to handle and i cannot back out i cannot leave her in such criticle times so i would be with her it is just a matter of luck but at that time i would be lucky if i stay with my family.so what will you do just tell me .happy mylotting.and i read that this discussion is very old so i dont think you will reply but anyways thx for posting this discussion.has this situation happened to you or this tought just struck you.
@mrkbrynt (159)
• Philippines
25 Jun 07
if youre a practical person.. you would...specially if your income and your husbands income is not enough.... you should go abroad to ensure the future of our kid.... dont worry about the three years.... when your kid reaches the right age...and able to understand why u did it... your kid will thank you for ensuring his/her future.... what.. are you gonna stay and suffer with your kid or go abroad so your family will be fine and not suffering from debts or experience hunger.......
• Russian Federation
25 Jun 07
hmm.. for me if my baby can come along then i would take it. plus it would depend on how far is the location. whether it's continents away or just a continent away. and how many times would i be able to go home to visit, or if it's possible to take my wife and kid with me. i guess it all boils down to how you really feel about it. whether what you are doing is worth it or not. follow your instinct.. they are usually correct