Donkey Mails pays!

@MLLanser (162)
United States
July 12, 2007 8:11pm CST
I got payout today from donkey mails. It was only .89 but still its something. I am trying to build up my e-gold account. Now that I have more than a dollar in there, is there some place that I can invest it to build it up? That is why in a previous post I asked about HYIP programs. I had over a dollar in e-gold last week, and I invested in a program called fund-trusted, and they totally ripped off my money. Granted it is only a dollar, but every dollar matters at this point. I sent them emails and gave them a chance to rectify the situation, and never heard one word from them. So I am telling everyone not to invest there!
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• Hong Kong
20 Jul 07
I think all hyip is just like a scam.We have to be honest.How can we earn 30% in a day.It is a bit impossible.You can have a look in wiki and search hyip.Even warren buffet portfolio is achieving 305 of growth every year.The best way is you withdraw you money from e-gold or paypal.Investing them in mutual funds or putting them in a bank account to earn interest.These are the best way to accumulate your wealth.
@GardenGerty (140554)
• United States
13 Jul 07
I have heard before that they pay, so I am not surprised. I have not done things like that, I am headed a somewhat different direction, and I think I need to focus. I am willing to tell people about my friend who has an investment club if they will personal message me, and she does e gold and Pay Pal both, and it does not matter where you live.