He we should start speaking?

July 13, 2007 12:03am CST
We both are displeased. We are not speaking each. I wish that he should start speak. He should ask me, why are you not speaking with me? But he does not take start. This made very hard for me and also for him i think. How should start speaking.
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@healwell (1268)
• Ahmedabad, India
13 Jul 07
There is one folk song about this kind of happening! The story of the song is like this: Then Wife wanted that he should speak, but how? What I do for that? She started to cook with more and more salt! But he just ate the food but did not speak a word! She made sweat without sugar, but no he did not utter even OH too! After using so many tricks and one trick was told by her friend... And she started to enptying the water from house and when there were high rised sun of noon time was on she went to fill up the water in every tank and vasel without wearing women's shoes from the well out side of the house... After she completed third round when came bach, her husband asked, 'Why are you going without wearing your shoes in this hot noon, my queen! please care for your legs, they should not burn!" So find out such friend and ask her... And use that trick!
• Indonesia
13 Jul 07
It doesnt have to be your man who start the speaking, you can take your step first. Just talk and ask anything necessary without showing your anger face to him. Only with that you can slowly overcome the anger and be normal again. Good luck....