what i did a few minutes ago..

July 16, 2007 2:02am CST
a few minutes ago, i went to my professor's table and ask him if i can see my envelope which encloses my plates.(I'm an architecture student) then i put something inside my classmate's envelope which contains a poem for him..( he is my crush actually) i just want to tell him that i like him in an anonymous way..i don't want him to know who wrote that poem for him..i felt so weird i hope that he will not find out who it was! and if he did..what should i do?? please help!
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• India
8 Apr 08
Talk to him. If you have a crush on him, hi might just open up and talk to you. Don't worry, he wont eat you. Just go up to him and talk to him. You might get rejected, but at least you'll have the experience to approach the next time you have a crush on someone. Who knows, even he might like you and has been very scared or shy to tell you about his feelings.
@Armortec (154)
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
If he find out. You need to said it to him for not to be lier because if he notice he will be a disappointed guy and there`s a situation that he will not talk to you but that`s only for awhile.
• Pakistan
16 Jul 07
If you like him dont play hide and sek simply go and tell him about this otherwise you might loos him.