to everyone thinking about joining A.W. surveys. THINK AGAIN

United States
July 20, 2007 12:53am CST
I requested a payment through paypal on the 5th IT IS NOW THE 20th AND NO PAYMENT, and not only that, NO REPLIES TO EMAIL. I've tried 3 times emailing them and not A WORD back. THIS IS A SCAM SITE PEOPLE. BEWARE!!!!!
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@rubiana6 (270)
• Brazil
20 Jul 07
i agree, its really a scam. I also did all available surveys, and had about 40 dollars in my account. The next week i wanted to login, but couldnt get, and as i requested my login infos, i got the message: user mail not found. Needless to say that i never got one answer to all my emials i sent to them concerning this matter.
• India
28 Oct 07
AW surveys is scam!! If u really got hurt by those cheaters then check this site!! try to promote this site so that we can hurt their buissness!! Anywz do try these sites they are really working and can deliver you result within a month!
• Brazil
16 Oct 07
Yeah. its really really scam. My friend from BRAZIL joined recently and got a lot of dollars easyly, never got paid. Its just a slave site, don waste your time!
@drmusic (173)
• Mexico
13 Aug 07
Too late for me alreayd register yesterday nigh io dont sleep well for making those stupid surveys
@humpicas (82)
• United States
25 Jul 07
Yes it is a scam site and personally hope the owner gets butt raped in Hell for all eternity. There are literally hundreds of warnings about them online, heed the warnings people.
• United States
22 Jul 07
Thank you so so much for giving me that information. I was just about to sign up for the site myself, thanks for the warning. I hate wasting my time with scams.
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
20 Jul 07
so weird. i responded to someone else's discussion who said they got paid, and they posted proof. i haven't made payout to try and cash out. but now i just tried to check my account and it says i don't exist!! i'm going to report them to some scams sites.