Ewww.. I can't stand centapedes!

@irishmist (3819)
United States
July 30, 2007 11:24pm CST
I Really hate these creepy crawler bugs. I know we all get them. I have even seen them at night at my job. At night I hate sitting on my computer in the summer in my flip flops ( especially in the dark). But I can't sit all night with shoes on. But tonite as I was getting in my jammies. I saw one. I tried to kill it, but it eluded me, and now I have the heebie jeebies. I brought the 3 cats in my room, but they are not in the mood. My bird however had a comment when I screamed and swore. Anybody have any idea's on how to stop them from coming into the house? Do they make traps for this or some home remedy??
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@barehugs (8985)
• Canada
10 Sep 07
A centapede has 100 legs and a millipede has a million. Imagine buying shoes for a couple of those! I used to have a few extra pairs but never in that range. I wonder if they ever stub their toe? or cut their toenails? You have to feel sorry for the little guy! He'd have at least 10 million toes to clip. I hope he went for a pedicure. His back would be so sore from bending over!