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@raydene (9874)
United States
August 4, 2007 1:26pm CST
Hi all, I have figured out one way I might be able to help others get nutri feron. I swear this is a miracle for me. I am sending you to a website that is about what I do and where I get it.If you chose to become a member I get no commision from it but you will get 15% off your nutri feron. In the long run it's worth it. If you order or decide you want to make a living this way you can go to this website to see what Oprah and Good Morning America say about this The point here is go GREEN...Get rid of the toxic stuff that you spray in your house every day...that cause cancer, organ failure, etc. You would not believe what a difference it has made to my health.
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@luzamper (1360)
• Philippines
6 Aug 07
Thanks for the information. It's really best to go green. We are on this in the province. Here in Metro Manila Philippines we have no other alternative but to buy products that underwent modern farming using fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, etc. Living in the province is very much healthier than here in the city of Metro Manila.
@mummymo (23707)
5 Aug 07
Honey you already told me not in the UK YET but I am so glad it has helped you so much! i have already started changing what we use around the house and using natural cleaners rather than chemical ones where possible! xxx
@GardenGerty (116618)
• United States
5 Aug 07
The company is a good company and has been around for years. I am thrilled that it is making a huge difference in your life. Many companies promote the idea of reducing toxins in your environment. You just preach away, dear, and we will let you, and hopefully some people with get the message that all the chemicals in the world are not going to make them cleaner or healthier. There are some other companies on the market that make similar claims. But you are walking proof of he help it has been to you.
@marciascott (25553)
• United States
4 Aug 07
Hi raydene, I did see the Video that you had last week, I am buzy doing different things, I do even spend a lot of time on Mylot anymore. I ddid want to drop by and say hi! I hope you have a good week.