anybody know any good survey sites????

United States
August 12, 2007 8:25pm CST
hey everyone...anybody know any ways to make money online. like from taking surveys. and that have actually gotten paid from doing them..
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
13 Aug 07 they are a pretty good site. it goes by points but it adds up. 1000 points is worth $50. and if you do a survey and you don't qualify for it they will give you 5 points just for trying. i just cashed my 1000 points in at the end of june and i'm up to 350 points already.
• United States
13 Aug 07
I agree on this one. In January, I cashed out 2000 points and got a check for $100. Now I'm up to almost 4000 points again and plan to cash out then so that I have $200 in Christmas money. Globaltestmarket is a great survey site and they never spam.
@drmusic (173)
• Mexico
16 Aug 07
2 person with and 0 without so i think i will try them hope they pay me XD i need the money to pay some pending thinks on my life Y_Y i will check and tell you tomorrow
@hkgirl (51)
• Canada
15 Dec 07
If you visit my profile I have some links to some sites that i use, and they are all free!
• Malaysia
13 Aug 07
yooo.... check this site.. you'll find great opportunity here:
@ladybug565 (2217)
• United States
13 Aug 07 I have been with them for years and have made pretty good money from there, they are the best one I know of.