Do you phone someone everyday??

August 17, 2007 7:09pm CST
i am quite a phone lover and ill pick up the phone for everything! and one person that i phone everyday is my mom,well phone or text message her!mostly about whats my time to get out of work and if im suppose to bring something from the grocery shop on my way home! but when i hear couples on the phone and i hear them asking on the phone what they did what they r going to do just gets on my nerves! so do you phone or text someone everyday?? who? and what do you talk about?
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@ssh123 (31086)
• India
24 Aug 07
I have work from morning to evening and most of the work I do in my own business centre is done with face to face deal and telephone is a nuisance and it really disturbs my work. I do not telephone anyone and I do get calls, I keep it as brief as possible.
• Portugal
24 Aug 07
yeah i think its a little boring when i hv friends all day on the phone just for nothing...most just love to talk when u can actually get together and talk over a nice cup of coffee!! i do try to keep my calls to the necessary!
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@ssh123 (31086)
• India
24 Aug 07
That is right. What is necessary one should make the calls.
@mepibot (387)
• Brazil
23 Sep 07
Today have other way of communication, for e-mails, sms, messengers, i donĀ“t call anymore, just with necessary, so, i call for the cellphone the most of times.
@taylorblue (1286)
• Canada
18 Aug 07
Nope I don't talk on the phone everyday...even every other day. No one calls here...or actually I screen all my calls. Except for that one!! Anyways, I am always on the computer so people get a hold of my by email or facebook. THey know there is a better chance of me answering.